Animal videos in their native habitat are fascinating to watch, and we got to witness a number of them this year. Some of these films got insanely viral online, causing people to watch them over and over again. Let’s refresh our recollections with some of the most viral nature videos before we wave farewell to 2021.

We’ve prepared a list of some of the top wildlife films that have piqued people’s interest on the internet in this post. While some of the films were rather disturbing, others brought tears to our eyes. The video will leave you speechless, with an elephant fighting a crocodile and a buffalo sparing a tortoise’s life.

Elephants are typically peaceful and quiet animals, yet they may be highly deadly if confronted. This video of an elephant engaging in a combat with a crocodile proves it. An elephant fought a crocodile in the viral video, which was recorded on a safari in Zambia. The elephant was able to wrap its trunk around the crocodile and slam it into a river bed after a long struggle.

If you enjoy nature, you may have experienced the thrill of spotting something rare and unusual. However, a majority of netizens were astounded by this viral footage from Assam’s Kaziranga National Park. A rare albino hog deer was sighted strolling with a brown deer in the national park, and the animal’s beauty enthralled everybody who saw it.

The life of a tortoise was rescued by a buffalo in a moving video that went popular on the internet. That’s right, you read correctly. The tortoise landed on its back and couldn’t get up. When a buffalo noticed this, it used its horns to turn the turtle. The 15-second film has racked up a lot of likes on social media, and it’s simply too amazing to pass up.

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