Video of a man causing a commotion near Surat on National Highway 48 has went VIRAL online

man causing

On the internet, a video of an unidentified man causing a commotion on the highway has gone viral. , The man appeared to be in some intoxication, when he caused damage and a traffic bottleneck on the Pipodara Flyover Bridge on National Highway 48 in Surat. A couple of cars were also damaged as a result of the man’s actions. The video went viral almost immediately after it was went out on internet.

According to the Times of India, the man first walked over on the FOB and began obstructing the road. He smashed and damaged the car registration number plates, climbed over a few, and even jumped on them, causing damage to their roofs. He damaged the front glass of a few cars, and also broke wipers, rearview mirrors. Later, he fell several times on the road and began rolling as well.

Locals pummeled the 30-year-old man, who was under the influence of intoxication, on the highway section between Surat and Bharuch. He mysteriously vanished from the scene. On social media, videos of the man causing a commotion went viral.

Individuals inside the cars were unable to respond to the man’s erratic behaviour, but a few people eventually got down and captured him, and some locals joined in, taking the man to the side of the road for questioning. The cops arrived later, but he managed to flee before being apprehended. “The man was caught by people, but he escaped from the spot when police reached. Cops were informed late in the evening,” said a police officer in Kosamba police station. He further stated that no formal complaint had been filed in relation to the incident.


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