Tiger Shroff finally meets Deependra Singh, the mimicry artist behind the popular ‘Choti bachi ho kya’ meme, in this video that was recently published on Instagram and went viral.

If you’re a regular on the Internet and like to keep up with the latest viral and amusing trends, you’re probably already aware of this one. “Choti bachi ho kya?” says the narrator. [Are you a tiny girl?] is a line from Tiger Shroff’s first film Heropanti, which came out in 2014. And when he mentioned that during a promotional event for his next film Heropanti 2.0, which is planned to debut this year on April 29, that is, tomorrow, the conversation has received new speed.

However, a viral meme has been making the rounds on Instagram and social media in general, in which a man expertly duplicates Tiger Shroff’s conversation. On his Instagram feed, a guy named Deependra Singh has over two lakh followers. He is also renowned for posting viral videos in which he imitates stars like as Hrithik Roshan, Sanjay Dutt, Nawazuddin Siddiqui, and others.

This mimicry artist recently met Tiger Shroff, one of his idols and the one who catapulted Singh to fame. They may both be seen in a comedy routine together, where they end up mouthing the same famous line. “Finally, choti bachi ho kya united,” he captioned this video.

The video was shared on Instagram a day ago, and since then, it has received several comments from fans who absolutely like the couple. It has also been seen over 6.9 million times thus far.

“Goosebumps,” said one Instagram user. It was accompanied by a few heart emojis. Another remark says, “Epic.” “Artist apne hero ke saath,” says a third comment. [An artist and his idol]

What are your opinions on Tiger Shroff and Deependra Singh’s new video?


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