Viral video of Dulha Dulhan jumping on the chairs

Viral video

A video is getting viral on the internet where people are watching the groom and bride jumping on the chair. Witnessing wedding videos every day on social media as now normal. Watching adorable couples and rituals are something people like to watch today. Now one of such videos is becoming viral on social media. Ahmedabad you are the bride and groom are exchanging garlands with a lot of fun. When the bride was about to exchange her garland with the groom, the groom suddenly started jumping. Watching this that Dulhan quickly climbs up the chair. People were shocked to see that how the Dulhan climbed up the chair so quick while wearing a so heavy lehenga. Watching the Dulhan climbing the chair that dulha also climbed up the next chair nearby without wasting any time. People were amazed to see the way the bride and grooms were climbing and jumping on the chair. Both of them were enjoying and laughing during the ceremony. This video is well liked by the people. Many people are sharing their feedback in the comment section and expressing how they like the video so much.


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