A video of a delivery guy discovering Christmas cookies on the street has gone viral. The driver expressed his thanks to the family for their thoughtful gesture “Oh, my goodness! You’re kidding, right? Or did you just become the best house in the world? “In the video, he says

People all across the world are in a joyful spirit as Christmas approaches. Children are busy decorating Christmas trees and creating Santa’s wish lists. While many of us are enjoying the holiday season, delivery drivers are working around the clock to deliver gifts and make people’s Christmases brighter.

Thousands of netizens have been moved by a video of a delivery guy discovering Christmas cookies outside a house when he went to deliver an item.

“For all the hard-working delivery drivers, we placed a Christmas cookie tree out. Keep watching till the very end!” The video has closed captions.

A delivery person is seen heading towards a house’s porch to deliver a box in the footage. He discovers that some Christmas cookies have been left outside. In the video, the cookies are not visible. The driver’s expression when he realises what has happened is priceless.

“Oh, my goodness! You’re kidding, right? Or did you just become the best house in the world? “”Surprised,” replies the driver. He then takes out his phone and snaps a photo of the sweet surprise.

The delivery driver goes on to say, “This is wonderful. Oh, my goodness!!” He then removes his hat before determining what he wants to take. “This is really thoughtful. Oh, my goodness. Thank you very much. I’m in love with you. Thank you, a lot. God bless you “Before departing, he muttered something and bowed his head.

On Instagram, the wholesome video has gone viral. More than 18,000 people have seen it. Netizens praised the family for their thoughtful gift and admired the driver’s reply.

“Am I the only one who thinks this deliverer is not just nice but also quite cute?” one user wondered. Another person said, “That had just turned into a terrific day for him. The tiniest details make a huge difference.”

A third user has been added “This delivery gentleman is just charming! His grateful reactions are so touching.” Another comment was made, “Thank you very much! This brightened my day!!”

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