Samantha Abreu, a nurse from Australia, has lost a whopping 47 kilos with shifts in her diet.

Samantha shared that as a child she did not like physical activity and always filled up on toast and cereal after dinner. She found it difficult in her adult life to focus on her work and would get easily exhausted.

During lockdown, she started going for daily walks and this helped her a great deal physically and mentally. Being overweight impacts the quality of life, she feels.

According to Samantha, 10000 steps a day is the secret path she took for weight loss. Now Samantha runs 5kms a week, hits the gym 4 times a week and walks 10,000 steps a day. Walking helps to burn calories and increase BMR. It also enhances insulin sensitivity, facilitating better glucose regulation and fat burn.

The diet change in her life was calorie deficit. She picked up healthy eating habits, such as switching to pizza wrap instead of pizza. For breakfast, she had oats with fruit. She has started eating a smaller portion size.

Portion control encourages us to eat mindfully, eat till you are 80% full and this helps to stabilize blood sugar levels, curb cravings, assist weight loss and agility. Losing excess weight is crucial in today’s time else diseases such as cholesterol, blood pressure, diabetes threaten to attack us.

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