All over the world, people are talking about weight loss to be fit and to reduce their kgs. The “intermittent fasting” has become an important term we hear from all those trying to shed those extra pounds.

Whether it’s the 16:8 way, which means fasting for 16 hour and only eating in the 8 hours window or the 5:2 approach, which is reducing your calories to 500 on two days of the week and eating normally on other 5, this method is gaining a lot of momentum to manage weight, look fitter, improve digestion and lead a healthy life.

Rhian Stephenson, nutritionist, naturopath and founder of Artah says, “From a scientific perspective-and taking into account my experience from years of clinical practice-intermittent fasting is better for your health than calorie restriction. But study points out important themes that are key for overall health, namely the importance of food quality and fiber.”

Intermittent fasting helps in multiple ways. Stephenson says, “It has been shown to benefit gut microbiome and overall gut health. It allows the essential digestive rest that our microbes need to restore themselves and remain healthy, generally helps reduce total insulin exposure in the body and allows a number of physiological processes to run smoothly.”

The best way she suggests is to eat a solid, balanced breakfast and reduce the evening meals. Another factor to take care of is to eat more protein and cut your processed sugar. Protein keeps you satiated for a longer time. Thirdly, try walking after meals and try to include strength training.

Food is the inertia in our life, so eat mindfully and look after your health, after all you live only once.

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