Life is not always perfect but your nails can be! Here are some of the most charismatic Korean female artists who always amazed their fans with different stage looks. Along with their fantastic fashion style and makeup looks, they are also known for their captivating and fierce nails choices.


Blessed with the best smile, this Korean artist and well-known as style icon of BLACKPINK band is famous for her trendy and chic outfits. She tones down a natural color and tries to maintain her signature long nails.


Rapper and songwriter, Jessica Hyun-ju Ho is popular for her signature hoop earrings and bold-color selection. The star uses long acrylic nails to complete her looks.


Sunmi is the only female Korean soloist whose song streamed more than 100 million times on Spotify. Her glittery eyes and long acrylic nails look heavily drop-dead gorgeous.


Not just her clothes and a makeover, Hwasa is also known for her statement nails as she maintains them very well. Hwasa loves colorful nails and decorates them with glitter.

Whose style inspired you the most; let us know in the comments! 

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