Evin Ahmad, stars as Erin Carter, a woman who moves to Barcelona with her daughter and the series revolves around her life. Currently streaming on Netflix, this 7-episode limited series, has a fast-moving plot and keeps the viewers hooked.

This action-packed thriller is the story of a school teacher. One day, while buying the groceries at a local store, Erin encounters a robbery and rescues her daughter, but one of the robbers recognizes her from her past!

The cute teacher has a PAST and the innocuous teacher, has excellent combat skills. As a teacher, I love her character. A friendly person, I love it when she tells one parent that the marks were a ‘cry for help.’

But who is the real Erin?? She was an undercover cop who fled with Harper, her daughter to Barcelona after a heist went wrong. She was recruited by DI Jim Armstrong to infiltrate a gang and find out, whose bankrolling them but the mission falls apart. Erin was a part of the gang, but when the mission goes haywire and she feels, she is at risk, she elopes with a gang members daughter, Harper.

Married to Jodi, a nurse, the past catches up and the drug cartel is on to her. It’s a quick watch, I liked it. Don’t want to divulge all the details. A good looking cast, fine acting, some beach and several twists, watch it.

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