Rudyard Kipling’s, best short story ever written is ‘The man who would be king.’ The movie has some great adventure set in the 1880’s era of the British rule in India, where two former officers of the British Indian Army leave British India with a plan to overthrow the ruler of Kafiristan and take over the country and rule it.

With a superb combination of Connery and Caine, helmed by John Huston’s direction, the chemistry and friendship are engaging and fun to watch. They demonstrate what bravery, sheer audacity these two British soldiers are capable of.

The movie is a great attempt at humor. Great little twists in the plot which keep the interest piqued. Michael Caine and Sean Connery are brilliant together. The supporting cast is excellent too, a good afternoon watch.

A ripping yarn with underlying human frailties with a touch of British empire- heightened sense of importance, undermined by two, insubordinate sergeants who decide it’s time to embark on their own empire building for two noble causes-themselves and profit.

A wonderful saga of friendship, ambition and the thin line between fate and luck. The two fantastic actors complement each other’s acting skills and both are great friends in real life too.

If you like this genre, you might enjoy this one.

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