Netflix’ s romantic saga, where in a marine and a musician tie the knot to tide over financial desperation. Disney starrer Sofia Carson, who is a song writer, a singer and a diabetic, marries Luke, a former addict who is attempting to win his father’ s approval by joining the Marines. While they both get into this fraudulent marriage only for monetary gain, a tragic incident of Luke’ s injury in combat changes the dynamics and Cassie is forced to look after and nurse him.

Needless to say, ‘Purple Hearts’ follows the predictable plot of Luke and Cassie falling for each other. Sofia has a certain charm, her music and performances add some life to the otherwise predictable story. Nicholas Galitzine looks his part and pulls of a cool performance. But with a wafer-thin story and some cheesy dialogues, there is only so far a movie can go.

Purple Hearts is adapted from the 2017 novel by Tess Wakefield and it has appeared many times on BookTokk-the fan named section of TikTok, that has all literature content.

A Purple Heart, in the US, is a military decoration for soldiers who have been killed or wounded in action. It is a sign to appreciate and respect their sacrifice. Though the story has promise, yet the film has not achieved its true potential of success.

One guy on Twitter writes, “The purple Hearts is a prime example of how most people consume media without using any critical thinking because that movie has some AWFUL lines yet everyone is willing to overlook them because the leads are good looking and that’ s truly terrifying.”

Have you seen the movie yet? Did your heart bleed? Can a romantic chemistry add lustre to an otherwise failing movie??

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