There are good movies and there are ‘WOW’ movies and ‘Late Night’ is one such WOW movie.

Emma Thompson gives a stellar performance along with Kaling. Emma, the host of a late-night talk-show, is a legendary entertainer for a comedy show but over the years, her the ratings for her show are on a decline. An English woman in America, she is a good blend of arrogance, aristrocacy and insecurity. She is not great at her people’s skills, to the extent, she does not even know the names of her employees and refers to them by giving them numbers.

Then comes Molly Patel, who lands up on the job to write for Katherine by chance. Oh! how much she loves Katherine and her work! Molly’s co-workers are all white men who think this girl is a misfit and would be out of this job real soon.

Katherine’s boss wants her to quit the talk show and slowly but surely, Molly, the outspoken newcomer becomes indispensable to Katherine and helps her pick up the reins of the show and get it back on track.

Thompson and Kaling are a perfectly engaging double act throughout the movie and there’s not a single dull moment in the movie. From emotional highs to lows, ageism, workplace bullying and body shaming, the movie has it all. The two formidable women are at their best and eventually become friends.

Without giving away more of the story, watch it and enjoy the ‘Late night’ on Netflix.

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