Directed by Ben Affleck, AIR, is the true story of Sonny Vaccaro and his far-fetched and bold idea for Nike, this is the story of the legendary sports deal that has made Michael Jordan’s name eternal.

Ben Affleck stars with Matt Damon, Viola Davis, Jason Baterman and Chris Tucker. The movie transports us to the 80’s, the style, clothing, cars, the music, the scenario, it’s all bang on.

AIR is a true and historic account of how Nike’s basketball division teamed up with NBA rookie and future superstar Michael Jordan to launch the legendary Air Jordan shoe. The movie also shows how Jordon’s endorsement deal changed the game for athletes and for Nike. Michael Jordon became a star and the greatest basketball player of all times and Air-Jordan, became the most coveted sneaker of all times. The story reveals a single deal changed the future of Nike vs Adidas vs Converse.

Michael Jordon, the 21-year old, college dropout, is spotted by Sonny and he persuades him to sign up. The dialogues in this movie are spot on. Few that linger on are, “A shoe is just a shoe until my son steps into it.”  (Jordan’s mother says.) another one that resonated with me is, “You are remembered for the rules you break”, says Phil the owner of Nike.

The movie is just about shoes and a shoe deal, yet everyone’s liking this one. It brings home the value of never giving up, trying our very best no matter what. The motto, “Just do it”, is so apt.

I suggest just watch it!! Its really WOW.

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