There’s a new mini-TV series released on Netflix, the Lorenskog Disappearance. This is a true account of a billionaire’s wife gone missing.

Anne-Elisabeth Hagen, disappears from her house under strange circumstances. There were no signs of forced entry, nor much forensic evidence. Her husband, is a well-known wealthy businessman so too much information wasn’t given out to the public nor press because of Tom Hagen.

The kidnappers have demanded their payment in cryptocurrency but the communication is very slow. Weeks go by, not much happens. Anne Elisabeth’s cell number, given to the police is leaked to the press. After a point of time, the police wonder if this is a kidnapping case at all. They arrest Tom, the husband as they slowly discover they had a bad marriage and Anna was talking to a lawyer for divorce but due to the unfair pre-nuptial contract, nothing had happened.

This 5-episode series is a very slow watch. Nordic noirs generally lack action but are very popular on account of their stories. More than two years pass in the whole series, and no solid evidence was found nor Anne found. Anne seems to be lost forever. Several theories and suspects such as Tom and the mafia gangsters could be responsible for Anne being missing but nothing leads to fruition so the story is a cat’s chase for a mouse that’s never found.

A bit boring, it could have been made in a more interesting manner. Streaming on Netflix, stream it if you are free.


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