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A Year After Its Release, “Squid Game” Is Still the Most Popular K-Drama on the Internet


According to a recent study, “Squid Game” is still the South Korean drama that people look for the most online. Despite being launched more than a year ago, in mid-September 2021, the Netflix show still draws 15 million monthly web searches, according to research by cybersecurity company VPN Overview. With approximately three million average monthly searches, the zombie apocalypse thriller “All of Us Are Dead” comes in second. It is based on a well-known webtoon.

The second season of both shows have already been ordered. “Business Proposal,” a romantic drama, ranks third with 1.5 million typical monthly searches. Other shows with long search duration include “Itaewon Class,” “Crash Landing on You,” and “Love Alarm” from 2020. (The absence of “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” is surprising.) “It’s interesting to see how ‘Squid Game’ is still so popular all over the world even one year after its first release,” a VPNOverview official stated.

The drama has once again come to everyone’s attention thanks to this year’s seven Emmy nominations and the two victories for “Outstanding Lead Actor” and “Outstanding Directing” both in a drama series given last month. This has continued the “Korean wave” that has been raging in recent years.

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