Abhishek Bachchan, being the son of the megastar Amitabh Bachchan, has had a successful career for 23 years but has been often compared to his father and wife Aishwarya Rai.

Abhishek says he took a break from his acting career and returned the money for the contracts he had signed to self-reflect. In an interview, he states, “I was very complacent. I was getting great work, great money, all the films were becoming superhits. But I knew I wasn’t pushing myself. You should never think you can sleepwalk through a film! No, you’re not meant to sleep walk through a film cos people are putting hard earned money on you! You have to have sleepless nights. Somewhere that’s the price you pay as an actor for your gift. When it stops meaning that and comes easy to you, you’ve started your downward trajectory and that’s the space I was in. so, I said let me stop. Whichever film I had signed that time, that hadn’t started, I returned the signing amounts to them. I need to re-evaluate things. I took that time off. I came back and started selecting work which gave me sleepless nights.”

Dasvi was a huge hit, I loved the movie and Abhishek’s role as a jailed politician who resumes studying. He comes across as a mature star in this movie. He has completed the shooting of R Balki’s Ghoomer and produced a film SSS7 where he is the only actor. On 30th June, he embarks on completing 23 years of his journey in films since ‘Refugee’. From the coy boy to a mature star, we ‘re looking forward to some great work from you sir!

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