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According to Nawazuddin Siddiqui, OTT has become a “Dhanda” for producers: ‘Unfortunately, the Quality Has Been Ruined.’


Nawazuddin Siddiqui has been nominated for an International Emmy Award in the Best Performance by an Actor category for Sudhir Mishra’s Netflix film Serious Men, but he isn’t optimistic about the future of OTT in India.

The actor, who rode the first OTT wave with his brilliant performance in Sacred Games, believes that streaming services are no longer producing interesting material. “OTT got off to a great start, opening up new opportunities for Indian filmmakers and actors. The material on streaming platforms differed from that shown in theatres and had its own distinct aesthetic. But I’m starting to lose interest in it. There is a lot of stuff being released, but quality ekdum kharab ho chuki hai (quality has been ruined). Ek cliched ho chuka hai (OTT has become cliched). You might compare it to a television series in which you keep expanding and creating series after series.”

Siddiqui, who has worked on movies such as Serious Men, Raat Akeli Hai, and Ghoomketu, all of which were published on OTT platforms, claims that streaming platforms have become a business. “The large production houses have struck multi-million deals with streaming platforms,” he says. In the guise of content, many production firms just create mediocre material. We have a propensity of turning art into a business, and OTT bhi ek dhanda ban gaya hai aur production houses sirf paisa kama raha hai (OTT has become a profitable venture for production companies).”

The actor goes on to say that there are many great individuals who should be given a chance, saying, “There are so many passionate filmmakers who deserve to display their ability.” However, they are not given the opportunity. The audience wants to see good material as well, yet the major production firms are producing mediocre and terrible content. There was a time when OTT did not have a monopoly, but things are changing for the worst.”


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