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Alia Bhatt intends to keep Raha at home, not ‘move out of house in 20’s.’


Alia Bhatt and Ranbir Kapoor welcomed their firstborn in 2022, Raha. She opened up about the challenges of being a working mother and also the guilt she feels as she neglects her own mother sometimes.

In a candid chat with her mom, she spoke about how much it means to her to have Raha not move out of the house in her early 20’s. Talking to the Nod Mag, she said, “I remember when I was pregnant and shooting in London for Heart of Stone, I couldn’t sleep for three days because I felt so guilty about how maybe I wasn’t a good enough daughter.”

Her mother Soni, replied to this, “She works hard on her mental health, but there are days she feels anxious about not picking up my calls or giving us any attention.”

Alia started work at the young age of 23 and immersed herself in it. She added, “I was barely 23 when I moved out of the house. I’d be away on long shooting schedules and sometimes you wouldn’t even know which city I was in. So that was a defining point in my life, and our relationship. But I do feel I left home soon- and I won’t let that happen with Raha. Believe it or not, I’m a forward-thinking person, but with Raha, I’m just taking each day as it comes. Papa recently told me; ‘If I don’t let Raha fall down, it will be the biggest mistake you’ll make because she’ll never learn how to pick herself up.”

The actress is awaiting the release of her next film, Jigra.


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