The ancient discipline of Ayurveda employs natural methods to treat disease and sickness. It focuses on the underlying source of the issue and seeks to provide holistic, comprehensive therapy for today’s illnesses.

It highlights the idea that issues with one portion of the body are frequently caused by an imbalance in how those other sections of the body function. The medical profession places a high value on mental health since it regulates the release of hormones that are essential for carrying out physiological tasks.

Aimil Healthcare’s Dr. Nitika Kohli, an expert in Ayurveda, highlighted to Hindustan Times how poor mental health negatively affects our skin.

Constant stress alters our eating and sleeping schedules, which affects our skin and may result in outbreaks like acne. When confronted with stressful conditions, it is advised to take deep breaths in order to better manage the issue.

We resort to eat for comfort when we are anxious or upset by anything. While our favourite meals certainly release dopamine and make us feel good, they also raise our cholesterol levels, which can cause pigmentation on our skin. There are different options for dealing with stress.

Stress-related overthinking can show up as wrinkles and dull, lacklustre skin. It deprives the skin of its lustre and natural shine.

Different people often have varied coping techniques, and some may turn to smoking and drinking as a way to deal with stress. Regular alcohol intake may lead our faces to seem swollen and puffy, while smoking causes the skin to age prematurely.

Long-term stress can cause depression, which can worsen skin conditions already present. It may cause brand-new issues including swelling and discoloration under the eyes.

A tried-and-true method of lowering stress and enhancing mental wellness is meditation. For a variety of other advantages, one should give meditation a try.

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