Helmed by Aryan Khan, recently the father and son appear in an ad for a streetwear brand D’yavol X, which is cofounded by Aryan. The shoot was a learning experience for him and it was a great on the sets with his dad.

In an interview Aryan shares, “Working with my father is never challenging, because, with his experience and dedication, he make’s everyone’s job easier on the set. He also makes the entire crew feel at ease and has tremendous respect for everyone. When he’s on the set I always make sure to pay extra attention, so I don’t miss out on anything I can learn.”

When the young enterprenuer was asked about his parent’s reaction on his venture, the 25-year old lad replied that his parents have asked him to keep aside some pieces, lest everything is sold out. Aryan sheepishly replied, he is ‘considering’ their request.

To fill you up on the ad, in the video, Aryan is seen working on coming up with a perfect logo for his new clothing line. However, he soon gets frustrated and throws the chalk away and strikes a line through the board with a red paint. Later, SRK walks in and notices the board. He stares at the board, picks up the paint brush and slashes another line across the red paint on the board to make it look like a cross, thereby forming the logo of the brand.

This marks Aryan’s first venture as a director. He has no interest in being an actor, his area of interest lies behind the camera. He has already written the script for his web series ‘Stardom’ and will soon begin its direction.

Fans are loving the ad!

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