Cha Eunwoo is known for his perfectly handsome face, great personality, superb acting, and stunning vocals. Overall, he is everyone’s ideal idol/ However, in a recent interview, Cha Eun Woo took part in a World Cup tournament of female actresses he’d like to co-star.

The first round began with him having to pick between  Girls’ Day‘s Hyeri or Suzy. After a slight hesitation, he picked Suzy. In the next round, he was asked to pick between Kim Yoo Jung and Park Bo Young. He warmly smiled and said, Park Bo Young.

The interviewer then placed them together and Cha Eun Woo had to pick one. He took a lot of time to think but then answered honestly. He picked Suzy!
Suzy clearly won this round but someone recalled that Cha Eunwoo had expressed his admiration for Shin Min Ah in a previous interview. That is why he was asked to pick between Shin Min Ah and Suzy!

He revealed that Shin Min Ah would be his choice yet again. Then he said that he would love to work alongside both of those great actresses. He said that he is greedy and accepted it.

“Before, I mentioned that I want to try acting in a historical-romance drama and a school-romance drama. I really hope I get the chance to film a historical drama with Shin Min Ah and a school drama with Suzy.

I kind of have a lot of greed.”

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