BTS debuted their latest webtoon, 7 Fates Chakho. The webtoon is set against a futuristic metropolitan environment, with each member voicing a fictitious character, and is inspired by Joseon Dynasty’s tiger-hunting officers known as the chakhogapsa. 7 Fates Chakho was originally announced to focus on seven males. Their stories are intertwined with tiger mythology.

Suga represents Cein, V portrays Jooan, J-Hope portrays Hosu, Jin portrays Hwan, RM portrays Do Geon, Jimin portrays Haru, and Jungkook portrays Zeha. HYBE released the official storey film with the webtoon’s release on Naver Webtoon’s platform, which involves the members explaining their characters’ appearances and previewing the tale.

The characters are presented in the video as ‘Beoms posing as humans,’ with a $300,000 bounty on their heads. The members may be seen speeding through alleyways and poised on roofs, ready to confront creatures. The future metropolis seems like something out of a Marvel Cinematic Universe production, including a nod to the MCU’s Loki series.

“Chakho: 7 Fates is a unique narrative. I’m the thinker, as always… BTS leader Kim Namjoon remarked in the video, “Even if I’m not so brilliant,” as the members dressed up as their characters. “This is the first time I’ve seen a studio like this.” I was in wonder the entire time I was filming in a studio with LEDs. Min Yoongi said, clearly awestruck by the sets and arrangement, “I hope it will turn out wonderfully.” “I’m particularly interested to see how three-dimensional it will appear because it’s about catching monsters.” “I enjoy action, so that’s something I’m looking forward to as well,” Jeon Jungkook stated.

HYBE is also expected to release The Sar Seekers with TXT and Dark Moon with Enphyen, in addition to BTS’ 7Fates: Chakho.

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