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Bengali Influencer is Fined by Cops after his Dance Video on Kolkata’s Maa Flyover goes Viral

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A dance video of a Bengali social worker, comedian, and influencer went viral on social media recently. Amid heavy traffic, Sandy Saha can be seen dancing on Kolkata’s Maa flyover in the video. Sandy Saha arrived at the flyover in a car on September 13 and was involved in the incident. While the driver was parking the car on the flyover, he stepped out and went to the other side, where he began dancing to the song ‘Main aai hun UP Bihar lutne.’ Not only that, but he can be seen crossing the busy road several times throughout the video.

Sandy posted the video to his official Facebook page. The video went viral as soon as it was posted online, with 193k views. While some users praised his video, others tagged the Kolkata police in the comments to draw their attention to the situation. In response to complaints, a fine notice was also issued to Sandy and the driver who was present with him at the time the video was shoot, according to News 18.

The cab driver and owner of Sandy’s cab have been charged by the Tiljala traffic guard for stopping the car on the flyover even when it was not allowed. Meanwhile, Sandy claimed that he was unaware that stopping cars on the flyover was prohibited.

A similar incident took place after an Instagram influencer named Shreya Kalra posted a video of herself dancing at a busy intersection in Madhya Pradesh’s Indore, and for which she was charged by indore police. The woman is seen showing off her moves to a popular Doja Cat song as vehicles come to a halt behind her as part of a social media challenge. The woman’s actions enraged even the state’s chief minister.


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