BLACKPINK’s Lisa has apologized to all her fans for cultural misappropriation after her “MONEY” Performance Video!

BLACKPINK’s Lisa has been in the limelight ever since she released her iconic solo song, “LALISA”. She has broken records and gained a lot of love ever since her solo debut. She is now being praised and slightly criticised for a performance video for B-Side “MONEY.”

After the music video was released, fans noticed some things and that hurt some sentiments. After looking at Lisa’s hairstyle in the ‘Money’ video, fans were a bit concerned. Lisa was seen donning box braids in the video. After the release, Lisa held a fansign call and discussed this issue. One fan from the many present there brought up this sensitive topic with a letter they wrote. Despite the topic being highly sensitive, Lisa ensured that she paid full attention and didn’t miss anything. Not only that, she asked the staff to extend the time to 6 minutes instead of the usual 90 seconds that is allotted. She paid complete attention while the fan focusedly explained.

After the fan read the letter, Lisa expressed how sorry she was about the topic and that never meant to cause any offense.

She said, “I didn’t know… like, I didn’t have bad intentions. I thought that the hairstyle was very cool. But I feel so bad, and it’s like, I’m very sorry someone got hurt from that.”

The fan then explained that they didn’t mean to hurt Lisa or accuse her of anything. It is just that they wanted to point out the sensitive topic and ensure that she knew about it. Lisa then went on to thank the fan for bringing it up with her saying how sorry she was, adding, “I’m so sorry, please tell all your friends, I didn’t have any bad intentions.”

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