Home K-Content BLACKPINK’s Lisa will be seen grooving to WayV’s latest song!

BLACKPINK’s Lisa will be seen grooving to WayV’s latest song!


BLACKPINK’s Lisa is being loved all around the world and her fans are growing everyday. She was recently on the news headlines for gaining 50 million followers on Instagram.

Lisa is now preparing for her ‘Mentor Collaboration’ level in Youth With You 3. Being such a graceful dancer, she was selected to be their dance mentor. This gave her the chance to choose the five trainees whom she wanted in her team. As can be expected, the best dancers on the show wanted to work with her.
The only reason for choosing Lisa wasn’t that they were genuinely her fans but they also liked the song she picked. Lisa has chosen to perform WayV’s latest hit ‘ Kick Back’.

Kick back is an energetic and groove worthy number which was released on March 10. It has a masculine energy which makes the song perfect for this season of Youth with You. Lisa let the fans know that this will be a super cool music video style performance. She added that she plans to bring fire to the stage.
On hearing this, the trainees showed how excited they are! Wang Nanjun started dancing to the chorus while Duan XingXing showed how well he knows all the moves!
Now the fans are waiting for their awesome performance!


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