I love history and am in love with European Renaissance. This Netflix series of 3 episodes brings to light Queen Anne Boleyn, who reigned for three years 1533 to 1536.

The cast of the series includes Amy James-Kelly, Adam Astill, Lois Brabin-Platt, Stephen Fewell and others. This documentary includes various historians who fill us up about that period.

Anne was a strong, free-spirited woman who believed in love. She was well read and never wanted to be a mistress. She had great ideas for the country’s progress. All she wanted was a loving husband and King Henry really took a fancy to her. He annulled his marriage to Katherine and married Anne for a male heir. She is known as the most influential and important queen consort England has ever had. She played a vital role in the English Church being independent from Vatican. King Henry was besotted by her but due to lack of a male heir, their rift grew and eventually he sentenced her to death by execution. Sadly, the tough, assertive and fiercely educated woman who challenges the Tudors’ male-dominated culture, has a very sad end.

This series conveys history brilliantly. It captures the audience’s attention by using rap, electro, techno, ambient and a vivid narrative which makes the story easy to watch and relate to. This documentary is brilliant and compact and is well-worth your time. streaming on Netflix, do watch it if you like history.

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