According to Kangana Ranaut, sexual abuse of minors is not uncommon in the Bollywood and fashion industries. “It’s the truth, no matter how much we protect the industry.” While it provides many chances, it also shatters many aspirations and severely scars people. This is the gloomy reality, yeh Kala sach hai.”

Kangana was addressing the reality program she leads on a recent episode of Lock-Up. After competitor Saisha Shinde said she was exploited by a famous fashion designer, Kangana shared her thoughts.

According to Kangana, it may be a case across professions, but individuals in the entertainment world, aside from chatting about the victim, take such things for granted. “What happened to MeToo here, even when it happened?” Nothing. Woh ladkiyan jo bahar aayi thi, gayab hain, sabki sab gayab gaya Aur jinko Maine support Kiya tha, I was kicked out of the industry, and ladkiyan gayab hain (The women who came forward with accusations have vanished from the face of the earth.) I was kicked out of the industry, and the ladies I was supporting vanished).”

Kangana was alluding to victims like actress Payal Ghosh, who accused filmmaker Anurag Kashyap of sexual harassment in 2020. Payal has received public backing from the Dhaakad actor.

During her early days in the profession, Saisha Shinde revealed how a designer enticed her with his sob tale. He later sexually exploited her, she said. According to Saisha, the designer informed her that he was living out of a suitcase and wished he had someone to look after him in life.

“When I heard this, I hugged him, and we had sex right away.” I kept in touch with him and we met frequently. Later, I discovered that my friends had been given the same thing about the luggage,” Saisha stated.

Saisha went on to say that the designer was well-known for having lovers in every major city, and that before she could disclose his actual self to the public, he began circulating false rumors about her, resulting in her being barred from participating in fashion weeks.

Saisha Shinde, who used to go by the name Swapnil Shinde, is India’s first transgender fashion designer. Deepika Padukone, Anushka Sharma, and Kareena Kapoor are among the celebrities for whom she has designed clothing.

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