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Lara Dutta makes an honest confession that she wishes to play roles that suit her age.


Lara Dutta knows that playing her age is a privilege only few female actors enjoy. She has no interest in playing younger roles.

In an interview about the same, she said, “I think it’s great (women getting to play their own age). Yeah. And I hope it happens more. Why? Because for the longest time ever, we never ever, ever represented women in this country over a certain age. It was always the college-going or the 20-year-old falling in love for the first time. Any representation of women on screen was either the mother who has sacrificed everything or the horrible saas, or the suffering bahu, there was just no representation of actual bahu.”

She added, “So I love the fact that today there are women on screen who are in all forms, you know, powerful women, vulnerable women, diabolical women, but women who are 40, 50, 60, 70 and you’re finally being seen on screen. So, I have no interest in playing a character that’s any younger than I am right now.”

Lara Dutta recently acted in Ranneeti: Balakoot & Beyond, that is playing on Jio Cinema. She is looking fantastic in her role.


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