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BOLYWOOD Enter Sonam Kapoor’s London house, which has jewel-toned décor and the most daring bathroom you’ve ever seen

Sonam Kapoor

Sonam Kapoor gave admirers a tour of her London home, where she and her businessman husband, Anand Ahuja, dwell. She shared photographs from a recent photoshoot on Instagram.

The photography was done for a feature in the September issue of Architectural Digest. She’s shown reclining on a red velvet sofa by Knoll in a room decorated in jewel tones in one of the photos. The bottom part of the room is covered with blue panelling, with a golden coffee table topped with a pair of silver elephants. The doors are a dark green, and a magenta-blue carpeting unifies the living space. A flower-shaped lamp sits above the space, which also has two teal blue chairs and a table.

On the balcony above, a black main entrance is surrounded by black gates and a black railing. The powder room, on the other hand, is the most fascinating element of the entire photo session. It’s wallpapered in a vibrant blue and white floral pattern. Five identical mirrors with crystal and gold accents sit behind a golden sink. A Venetian mirror attracts everyone’s attention.

A huge black four-poster metal bed dominates the bedroom. Blue wallpaper, a blue ceiling, and white lamps with painted lamp shades are also present.

“The first moment @anandahuja and I stepped foot inside our flat, it instantly felt like home!” Sonam remarked of her home. It’s a two-and-a-half-bedroom apartment in Notting Hill that’s ideal for where we’re at right now. We knew straight away that @rooshadshroff would bring to life a certain idea I had for the room after viewing it. Rooshad and I, as always, had a great time working together. He is an expert at creating spaces that are suited to a person’s specific demands and design preferences.”

“Colour was a key necessity for me, and he helped me realise my idea of creating a more outside atmosphere on the inside, rich in greens, blues, and jewel tones, among other things. Over the years, my tastes and leanings have gotten considerably more diverse, necessitating the use of warm textures, textiles, wallpapers, old rugs, and chandeliers. I was looking for a delicate blend of modernist art and furnishings that reflected my Indian ancestry. Being away from home may be difficult at times, therefore Rooshad done an outstanding job of fusing British architecture with Indian aesthetics and richness. “While India is the essence of my being, London is the heart of my being,” she continued.


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