Boman Irani Shower His Praises Over the Film Unaad- Read Now what these Veterans have to say for Ajit Arora’s Unaad

Now and then, a cinematic gem emerges that captivates not only the audience but also industry stalwarts. This extraordinary film has left profound impact on the minds and hearts of Bollywood celebrities, with veteran actor Boman Irani being the latest to join the chorus of praise. “Unaad” takes the audience on an enchanting journey through time and space, weaving a tapestry of emotions, drama, and spectacle. The film’s narrative intricacies and breathtaking visuals have earned accolades from critics and viewers alike.

Boman Irani, known for his incredible performances and discerning eye for cinema, recently expressed his adoration for “Unaad”. As he saw the movie the veteran actor says, “I told everyone not to tell me anything first related to the movie as I wanted to witness it all by myself. It’s a picture that is a journey, to witness the journey of 3 boys on how they mature over a certain period and come to the realization, a realization towards their responsibilities and faults. I feel every individual will take different things from the film as they will relate to their own experiences. Because this film is so rich in truth, reality, humanity, growing up, love, heartbreak, and ego. I loved the movie as this was the journey of 3 boys and the journey for me”

Ajit Arora’s “Unaad” stands tall as a masterpiece that has received acclaim from all quarters. The film is been loved by the viewers a lot, it has received 8.9 Rating on IMDB.

Ajit Arora’s meticulous selection & acumen, along with Aditya Sarpotdar’s visionary Direction & film design combined with exceptional Cinematography, Music & performances of the cast, has earned the film a special place in the hearts of Bollywood celebrities like Boman Irani, Farhad Samji, Ravi Dubey, Subodh Bhave. As we celebrate the magic of cinema, “Unaad” reminds us of the boundless possibilities of storytelling and the power of artistic expression. Film Unaad is streaming on JioCinema.

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