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BTS’ Concert Tickets were sold out before they even went on public sale!


BTS is a beloved boy band and more and more news just proves that. Recently, BTS made headlines once again as angry fans took over and expressed their anger about not getting a chance to see BTS perform.

As soon as the fans were informed that BTS will be performing in Los Angeles, California, they started looking out for the ticket sale. On October 7 and 8, a select amount of fans were able to purchase tickets to the four Permission To Dance On Stage dates as part of the pre-sale period. On the first day, fans who enjoy a global membership were allowed to buy tickets and on the second day, Ticketmaster‘s verified fans pre-sale were running. On October 9, those who weren’t able to participate in the pre-sales were looking forward to the public sale.

As their wait came to an end, Ticketmaster put out an announcement that disappointed the fans greatly. Ticketmaster informed the fans that all the tickets for the four shows were sold out and would not be available for public sale. This saddened the fans immensely and what was worse was that the tickets were being resold for very very high prices. Rather than tickets selling for $60-$450 USD per ticket, fans pointed out that they were now selling for as much as $8,000 USD each.

One fan pointed out that one ticket was being resold for a whopping $36,000 USD.


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