After BTS announced their break at FESTA 2022, fans all across the world were worried about their return. It turns out that the band’s statement was misunderstood, and they will not be taking a sabbatical indefinitely. The members of BTS have stated that they are going through a difficult time and are attempting to reclaim their identity. RM and Jungkook cleared the air after the breakdown, and RM defined their position in a recent interview on Weverse.

“I think that way I’ll know what the job I’m doing right now means to me and what it is to me,” RM stated, adding that he has to ‘take a step away’ for a minute. So now I’m scared that I’m just doing what I’m told and that I’m losing myself in the process. It was never my aim to feel this way, and I want to live an independent and active life, but because of the epidemic, I’m beginning to question if I’m living too passively, and it’s becoming unpleasant. That includes how I felt during the Grammy Awards, and I believe I’ve reached a breaking point.”

BTS wowed the crowd at the Grammys with their performance of ‘Butter,’ which left the audience speechless. “We need a message so we can be sure and impose our own image, too,” RM remarked of the situation. People were blown away by our performance of “Butter” at the Grammy Awards. It was fantastic. I believe it is past time for us to move on from awe-inspiring personalities and reconsider what kinds of signals we may offer now. While we were in Las Vegas for our show, I had some time to think about what I should do and speak. So, I guess I need to concentrate now and look at the clues in my hands for an answer.”

He also stated that he has no idea who the gang is at this time. “So, I guess I’ll have to look for inspiration from folks all across the world,” he remarked. I have this strong desire to be inspired by all of the world’s inspiration and impact. What should BTS’s message to the world be moving forward? At this moment, what role should BTS be remembered for? How will we function in the future? I’d want to gather ideas for these items from others.”

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