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BTS talks about the adorable things they do for their parents!


The BTS’ Army is enjoying themselves as they get to know more details about their bias. While appearing on the KBS talk show, Let’s BTS, BTS revealed some of the heartwarming gestures they make for their parents.

BTS’ RM was asked if he received an allowance from his parents and he burst out laughing. He was surprised to be asked that question. RM revealed that he doesn’t get an allowance but he has given his parents a card from which they can spend money without a limit. J-Hope was an absolute sweetheart and he revealed that he prepares for all the special events like birthdays and anniversaries.
This was when V made a subtle and sweet flex! He added that he recently gave his parents a lot of  ₩50,000 KRW bills. One such bill is worth around 3359 rupees. After V said so, the talk show host Shin Dong Yup laughed and gave him a ‘Good Job’ compliment.

This just shows how innocent and generous V is!
Fans were happy to see the BTS members talking about their family and personal lives. They were also proud to know that BTS was so loving and caring when it comes to their family and the ARMY.


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