Suga’s collaboration with PSY on the song That That has become one of the year’s most successful K-pop projects overseas. PSY, a veteran K-pop musician, rose to international prominence in 2012 after his song Gangnam Style became a worldwide smash. The singer promised fans an even greater hit ahead of the release of That That.

The artist looks to have kept his word with the aid of Suga, who crooned and produced the song as well as appeared in the music video. Suga and PSY’s cooperation effort has finally accomplished an outstanding achievement on Billboard charts after topping many charts around the world.

That’s astounding feat was publicized on Billboard’s official social media handle when the song appeared on the Hot 100 list. The song debuted at number 80 on Billboard’s Hot 100 this week. In addition, the catchy song charted at No. 2 and No. 5 on Billboard’s Global Excl. U.S. and Global 200 lists, respectively.

Fans of both singers couldn’t stop themselves from expressing their delight at the outstanding achievement on the worldwide music charts. While many fans expressed their congratulations, BTS supporters thought that there would be more in the following weeks, as the K-pop group announced their comeback with the release of their album Proof. “It’s simply extremely amazing that the song that comes after one of their biggest songs is named Yet to Come,” one fan tweeted, summing up the enthusiasm. Is there a YouTube watching record? On the Hot100 for ten weeks? Hundreds of millions of copies sold? The greatest is yet to come,” she says.

PSY previously appeared on an episode of JTBS’ Knowing Bros to discuss his cooperation with Suga and how their project came to be. The singer stated that he received a text message from an unknown number requesting cooperation, which he subsequently discovered was Suga’s. “He’s created songs for IU and Heize previously,” he remarked of Suga. So, he’d previously produced a number of songs for other celebrities, and he told me he wanted to end his producing career by writing a song for me.”

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