The new tune ‘That That’ by South Korean music phenomenon PSY and BTS’ Suga was recently released. One of the listeners gave the song an Indian spin.

PSY became a household celebrity when his catchy song Gangnam Style made the entire globe dance. After a five-year absence, the South Korean artist has returned with his much-anticipated album PSY 9th. The acclaimed artist also released the title single That That, which features BTS rapper Suga aka Min Yoon-gi, along with the album.

The song went viral on the internet and became a huge hit, with over 41 million views on YouTube. One of the fan-made videos of That That is making the rounds on social media, with the song topping the charts. The South Korean pop idols can be seen swaying to one of Akshay Kumar and Saif Ali Khan’s well-known songs in the video.

Suga is seen swinging a leg with PSY in the recently released song That That, performed and produced by BTS’ Suga. One of the fan sites altered the video and replaced the music with the popular dance number Main Khiladi Tu Anari from the 1994 film of the same name, performed by Akshay Kumar and Saif Ali Khan. The fan-made video has gone popular on the internet, with many people amazed to discover how well the dancing routines match the music. The followers of the BTS group known as the ARMY reacted positively to the altered video on social media.

Suga appears in the video wearing a leopard-print shirt under a white jacket. PSY, on the other hand, was dressed in purple as the two of them danced their hearts out at a pub. Qualiteaposts, one of the fan sites, posted the video on Instagram with the description “The pair we didn’t realize we needed.”

ARMY couldn’t help themselves and jumped into the comments area as soon as the post went up. “Why does it fit exactly,” one person asked, while another said, “Yoongi ate that choreo like he was born to do it.” “The Khiladi and Anari I never imagined,” one user said, while the rest of the people just dropped fire emojis.

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