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Kim Wan Sun reveals who her BTS bias is!


BTS have captured the hearts of millions of people around the world and Korean celebrities are no exception. Recently, Kim Wan Sun, also known as the Madonna Of Korea revealed that she is a BTS fan!
Kim Wan Sun spoke in BTS’ favour and showed her support. She also added how she is very proud of them (being their senior). She looks forward to collaborating with them one day. Kim Wan Sun let BTS know that she is their fan.
She also added that 30 years ago, the level of success that BTS has achieved would be unimaginable! She is elated that their hard work is helping to bring Kpop to an international stage.

Then , she revealed that she has a bias in BTS. It is none other than V! She adores V as much as the army does.
Kim Wan Sun is called the Madonna of Korea as she has been a beloved idol since the 1980s. She is known for her amazing music, not just in Korea, but also in Taiwan and South-East Asia. However, she has been inactive for over a decade. That’s the reason why she would love to hear from her hoobaes.


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