BTS and TOMORROW X TOGETHER have become international K-pop ambassadors. Another intriguing aspect of their connection is that they are both products of the same firm. BTS has already greeted young hoobaes (juniors) with open arms and encouraging words, and the five-member group has spared no opportunity to praise their sunbaes’ impact creativity (seniors).

The two have always enjoyed and uplifted each other’s presence on every occasion, and this has continued this time. The album’s title track, ‘Good Boy Gone Bad,’ is a hip hop rock tune that shows the world another side of the boy group.

Along with the world’s praise for the title single, BTS’ J-Hope also expressed his gratitude. He tagged the group and commented, “Cheer up, my younger brothers!” on his Instagram story after posting the song. Taehyun was asked about it by a MOA on the fan community platform Weverse, and he showed his thanks by calling J-Hope the best and most kind as they communicated via text messages.

‘Good Boy Gone Bad’ has reached No. 1 on iTunes charts in 19 countries, while the album’minisode 2: Thursday’s Child’ has reached No. 1 on the iTunes Top Albums lists in 43 countries.

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