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BTS’s Songwriter, Candace Sosa, picks her Bias and her Bias Wrecker!

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BTS is a beloved band and no one can deny that. Candace Sosa is a popular songwriter and she couldn’t resist BTS’ charms either. She was recently asked to reveal her BTS bias and she had difficulty picking one.

Candace Sosa recently sat down for an interview with GEEKSPIN and there, she was asked to reveal her bias. However, before that, she talked about how it felt to watch Jungkook perform Euphoria. I mean seeing all these lights and everybody singing along, it was so hard to hold back tears. I was like ‘I can’t even believe this is happening right now,” said Candace. She talked about how it was the first song that she collaborated with BTS upon and it turned out to be Jungkook’s solo song. That reveals how special both       Jungkook and Euphoria are for her! She then answered the question about who her bias is in BTS. Candace said she loves Jungkook “because he does ‘Euphoria’ and his voice is insane” but she does have “a slight thing for Jimin,” so she chose Jimin as her bias. When asked if she has a bias wrecker, she revealed that V is her bias wrecker. “I feel like…V. That’s my dude. He’s just so cute. I love his hair. I don’t know, he’s super cute,” she said.

Candace has worked with BTS on many songs but the most renowned ones are “Euphoria,” “Love Maze,” “Moon,” and “We Are Bulletproof: The Eternal.”


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