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Can you guess where V and the BTS lads plan to get ‘friendship tattoos’?


Our favorite BTS members never fail to put a big grin on their fans’ faces. V announced on Weverse, once again delivering joy to the ARMY, that the band members are looking forward to getting a ‘friendship tattoo.’ Without a question, everyone’s favorite BTS has a big fan base all over the world. Apart from the scorching foot-tapping melodies that the Bangtan lads bestow upon their ARMY, it is their adorable personality and kind fan conduct that distinguish them as the greatest.

The members of the BTS band are always in the news for various reasons. The BTS lads were last seen at the Grammys, when their star-studded appearance took everyone’s breath away. Unfortunately, the band members lost it to Doja Cat. Their song Butter received a Grammy nomination. Despite not receiving an award, they managed to win back their fans’ hearts with some nice words on the Weverse.


That’s right, you read that correctly. BTS’ V had a great talk with the ARMY, who advised him against getting a tattoo. V, much to everyone’s surprise, said he’ll manage it on his own and that he’d love to have ‘friendship tattoos’ with the lads.

That’s right, you read that correctly. V disclosed on the Weverse that they had intended to get friendship tattoos, and the lads frequently discuss it. He even stated where he wanted the tattoo to be done.

Isn’t it incredible? Seeing the BTS members get similar tattoos would be quite thrilling. For the uninitiated, V was photographed smoking with an attendant at the Grammys, and his photos went viral on social media. The supporters were divided as a result of this. Many people were surprised to learn that their favorite K-pop singer was smoking casually, while others were concerned about his health.


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