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Cannes 2024, Laapataa Ladies’ Manju Mai AKA Chhaya Kadam to attend the premiere of ‘All we imagine as light.’


Chhaya Kadam has given a stellar performance in Laapataa Ladies. As she grew up, her dream was to become a Kabbadi player and then open a gym. She landed up in this Bollywood career by chance.

After her heart winning performance in the movie, the next milestone for her is attending the 77th Cannes Film Festival for the premiere of Payal Kapadia’s ‘All We Imagine As Light.’ This is a highly awaited film that features Kani Kusruti, Chhaya Kadam, Divya Prabha and Hridhu Haroon in main roles. The film will compete for the Pame d’Or.

Talking about all the attention she has garnered after Madgaon Express and Laapaataa Ladies, she said in an interview, “I am very happy. This is a beautiful moment in my life and I am enjoying it without thinking too much about what’s next.”

Further, she elaborated, talking about her past, “I was a state-level Kabbadi player, so I thought about going in that direction. After some time, it shifted to owning a gym or joining the police force because I had physique…people start their journeys in schools and colleges by doing theatre, but I entered the profession quite late.”

Talking about her role in Laapataa Ladies, she said, “Sometimes, I feel Manju Mai was written for me. I have that woman inside me. I didn’t marry, somehow never got around to it and now I am enjoying living on my own. I felt Manju Mai was also teaching me. I received so many calls from women who were confused but now feel inspired by Manju Mai.”

More power to you Chhaya Kadam!


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