Film director and screenwriter Ashim Ahluwalia spoke about the challenges he faced while adapting the Spanish web series ‘Elite’ for the Indian viewers.

He shared, “Class is an Indian adaptation of the global series ‘Elite’ and is something I was very excited about. Rather than just making a localized copy, I used the Spanish show in the way that one would use a source novel as a starting point for something altogether new. It’s not just about recreating a show for Indian audiences, but also about bringing a unique perspective and cultural content to the story.”

He elaborated further about his latest web series, “My work generally comes from a very cinematic place and ‘Class’ was a great opportunity to use the forms I love in a longer, more immersive way. I feel like we have something truly unique, a series that’s true to its roots and that shows us a side of India we haven’t seen on screen before.”

Following the lives of the new generation of students and the lives they live where in drugs, sexuality, racism, religion, mental issues and more are a big chunk of their life. The fresh- faced cast delivers a great show currently streaming on Netflix.

The show is set in a school Hampton International, a private school in Delhi that can boast of students from ‘elite’ families, giant swimming pools and great opportunities to gain access to scholarships to study abroad. It’s a perfect dream school until a student is found murdered outside the school premises and her fellow mates become prime suspects.

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