This Hindi version of ‘Ratsasan’ is a movie that fails to deliver as expected. Akshay Kumar, a remake of a Tamil hit and a flood of thrillers and a third Akshay movie in three months, is something that has not gone well with the smart and versatile audience of today. It’s overdone and can’t be accepted.

As the story goes, in Parwanoo, a small town in Himachal Pradesh, a teenage schoolgirl ruthlessly murdered is found on a bench. Around the same time, a girl goes missing in Kasauli. Oh, my lord!! This so far is going the ‘HIT: THE FIRST CASE’ way, but lo and behold, two days later, her brutalized remains turn up under a bridge. Brace yourselves, Akshay becomes a police officer without any formal training or skills and that’s because he gets his father’s place. Has it come down to this? Is it even remotely possible?

And so, the movie progresses with a mix of suspense and murders. The movie has celebrated Akshay regardless of his capabilities. The movie has multiple loose ends like Akshay being explained the case by an SHO, touching evidence with bare hands, and much more. The viewers of today, are used to being perfection. Such errors are a big letdown.

Except for Sargun Mehta for about 5 minutes, every woman in this world exists only to boost Akshay’s one-man army.

We all love movies and have a great appreciation for good cinema. In modern times, quality takes precedence over quantity. Akshay please don’t flood us with an array of movies, we can’t watch. We deserve a break from the tsunami of your boring movies, please focus on the content.

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