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Nikitaa, the multi-talented artist, songwriter, and producer renowned for her genre-blurring music and unwavering commitment to celebrating queerness and self-expression, is gearing up to release her next single, “Daddy Era,” on September 14th, 2023. With Nikitaa’s creative genius guiding every aspect of the song’s production, from writing to mixing, “Daddy Era” promises to be a groundbreaking anthem of queerness, self-empowerment, and social change in the realm of music.

“Daddy Era” is more than just a song; it’s a profound declaration of Nikitaa’s personal journey towards embracing her queerness and the profound joy that it brings. Infused with themes of social justice, this track invites its listeners into a world where love, friendship, and self-acceptance are celebrated. Nikitaa’s message resounds clearly: love and be loved for exactly who you are.

Building upon her signature fusion of Indian percussion, “Daddy Era” takes a vocal-centric approach, incorporating samples of Nikitaa’s own voice and others to craft a lush and mesmerizing auditory landscape.

Nikitaa shared her experience working on this song,”Daddy Era is a celebration of social justice, self-expression, and queerness; it’s not just a song. It’s an expression of the qualities of friendship and love I value, as well as a tribute to people who embrace their individuality. Inspired by the ballroom scene and great queer-centric music, this track combines sensuality, assurance, and liberty. It serves as a soundtrack for dance parties, car clubs, and gyms, featuring a deep vocal journey. It represents the collective growth of our musical journey, produced and mastered by me and co-produced by Mukund”

This musical masterpiece was primarily self-produced, with the invaluable collaboration of her long-term partner, Mukund Komanduri. The duo worked seamlessly in real-time, marking a significant milestone in their creative journey together. Nikitaa’s singular vision shines through in every aspect, as she handled the arrangement, mixing, and mastering of “Daddy Era” with finesse, underscoring her remarkable versatility and prowess in the music industry.

“Daddy Era” is set to release on September 14th, 2023 across all platforms.

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