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Dancing on the Grave, Watch it on Amazon Prime Video.


This four-episode documentary series made by director Patrick Graham is terrific. A real-life crime genre, this is an eye opener.

It revolves around Bangalore in the year 1991, where the beautiful Shakereh Khalili married to an IFS officer, ends her marriage of 21 years and why? They had four lovely daughters but her husband was always busy travelling which led to marital dispute.

The first two episodes see the truth as per Shakereh’s family; how a girl so full of life decides to give up her life to marry a man of a much lower status-the self-proclaimed godman Swami Shraddhananda.

In the year 1991, she goes missing. Three years down the lane, the police discover her skeleton buried in a wooden casket.

As per findings, the self-styled godman, murdered her on the 28th April. He poisoned her tea and dragged her to the courtyard and buried her alive over a mattress, which was enclosed within a coffin and buried in a pit dug in the courtyard.

The factor leading to the murder was greed. Shakereh was the heiress of a wealthy family, her grandfather being the Diwan of Mysore.

Shradanand was taken into custody. First time in the history of India DNA testing was done to verify the deceased.

The web series has been streaming since 21st April and is written and directed by Patrick Graham, co-written by Kanishka Singh Deo. The show is produced by India Today Original Production.



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