Stepping into the realm of &TV’s family drama, Doosri Maa, actor Darshan Dave captivates audiences again with his remarkable portrayals across various popular television shows. With his latest role as Randheer Sharma, Darshan will inject a fresh wave of intrigue into the show, leaving viewers eager for more. In this interview, he opens about his approach to the character, revealing his determination to captivate audiences and the meticulous preparations he underwent to bring Randheer’s personality to life.

1. What attracted you to the role of Randheer Sharma?
This role offers a refreshing change and promises to infuse the show with many unexpected twists, turns, and dramatic moments. I was eager to embark on something distinct, and seizing this opportunity seemed a perfect choice. In the show, I essay the role of Randheer Sharma. As a lawyer, Randheer rivals Ashok. Despite that, after Ashok’s disappearance and during Yashoda’s difficult phase, he helps her. Randheer aims to impress Yashoda with his kindness while harbouring a complex and multi-layered personality. I was thrilled and excited to take on this character, as it allowed me to explore the depths of this incredibly layered character. In addition to my character, I am intrigued by the show’s storyline. I have been a dedicated viewer since it started and am thrilled to be a part of it.

2. How does shooting for a show in your city provide you with a sense of comfort or familiarity?
Being a part of this show has been an absolute blessing. It marks the first time I have had the opportunity to film in my hometown, ensuring my parents are not left alone. There is an undeniable sense of comfort and familiarity when shooting in one’s city. The sheer joy of being a part of this production is further amplified by its place in my beloved hometown, Jaipur. I find immense happiness knowing that I no longer have to dine alone and that someone eagerly awaits my return home. I am grateful for this, and my parents are equally delighted, often accompanying me to the set to spend quality time together. This level of comfort is something any actor would cherish, particularly those who are not from Mumbai. I consider myself truly fortunate to have had such a wonderful experience.

3. Can you share an example of a challenging acting experience you’ve had? How did you overcome it?
The primary challenge for any actor lies in embodying their character, particularly when sharing the screen with other characters. While costumes and makeup contribute significantly, possessing the physicality that complements the specific role is crucial. When I undertake a role, I dedicate myself entirely to it. Before portraying Randheer’s character, I performed a mature and masculine police officer in the web series Scoop. To authentically portray that character, I intentionally gained 16 kg of weight. However, when it came to playing Randheer, I had to shed those kilos and return to my original weight, as the role demanded a relatable, everyday persona. As an actor, I firmly believe that appearance holds considerable sway over the audience’s perception even before any dialogue is delivered. Challenges are an inherent part of an actor’s journey, and it is vital to face them head-on and explore ways to overcome them.

4. In this show, the characters go through intense emotional journeys. How do you connect with and convey complex emotions effectively?
Throughout my career, I have found immense joy in portraying serious roles, and I am fortunate to receive more opportunities to delve into such performances. Undoubtedly, these shows entail intense emotional moments, and effectively conveying those emotions can be quite challenging at times. As someone aptly stated, ‘It is difficult to make an audience laugh but also to make them cry.’ Engaging the audience on an emotional level and fostering a connection with the character are among the most formidable tasks for an actor. I genuinely appreciate the show that allows me to confront this challenge head-on. Characters like Randheer often possess intricate backstories, which can significantly shape the overall perspective of the character. However, the interpretation ultimately rests with the audience, and it can vary, evoking both positive and negative responses.

5. Apart from acting, are there any other endeavours you wish to pursue?
Acting holds a special place in my heart, being my first and foremost passion. In addition to my love for acting, I possess an unwavering passion for music. I have received formal training as a classical singer and established a studio in Jaipur where I devote my time to composing music and recording songs. Growing up, I was fortunate to be surrounded by the musical talents of my mother, who is a revered vocal music guru. I have cherished memories of listening to her mesmerizing performances, accompanied by instruments such as tabla, dholak, guitar, and congo. Throughout my schooling years, I had the opportunity to create nearly a hundred songs, and my mother generously gifted my keyboards and various instruments to refine my musical skills. She serves as my ultimate inspiration, fueling my passionate pursuit of music. I have had the privilege of producing and composing numerous music albums, and my aspirations lead me to desire to record even more. Thus, if I had not embarked on an acting career, I would have undoubtedly pursued my dreams as a musician.

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