A healthy body is a necessity in today’s time and age where in there is no dearth of distraction and junk food. It takes an effort to eat that simple home food. But how important is the timing?? You go to any dietician and each one recommends an early dinner.

Eating late leads to weight gain and a spike in blood sugar levels. Deepika Vasudevan, a Bangalore based nutritionist, points out that several factors play a key role to decide your dinner time. Your lifestyle, work timings, dietary preference and health goals, all bear weightage. If you are someone, who stays up till late, then instead of helping an early dinner would lead to hunger and snacking later on.

However, as in Jain tradition, no one can deny the benefits of eating early. They are;


Our body is tuned to follow a certain pattern which helps it to function properly. Eating on time leads to better digestion, gives rest to our gut and liver and this leads to weight loss.


Try and notice, if you eat a heavy meal and sleep, the sleep is disrupted. An early dinner allows the food to settle and the sleep quality is definitely better.


Try and keep your dinners light and early. As they say, eat breakfast like a king and dinner like a pauper. Your food definitely affects your heart.


Dr. Vasudevan suggests that a minimum 2 hours gap should be there between your dinner and sleep. A light walk also aids digestion. Eating early keeps the insulin and cortisol in check and the bodies rhythm is maintained.

Therefore, food is important and we all love our dinners, but make the right food choice and opt for an optimal dinner time as per your schedule.

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