A story of a youth, too much in love with his image, our hero, Ajju, who spends all his hours polishing his image. A history teacher, whose knowledge is inept yet he can talk dime to a dozen, chances upon meeting a lovely, sensible girl Nisha, who he is sure will change his life.

Ajay and Nisha, our pivotal characters, make a journey of their lives to visit the cities that were most affected by World War 2, Paris, Amsterdam, Normandy, Berlin and the Auschwitz gas chambers. He undertakes this to show the kids everything they need to know about war and the implications it had on the world we live in. hellooooo?? Aren’t we living in the world of ‘Google’.

Another factor, that puts the viewers off is Ajay’s reactions to his wife’s epilepsy, a condition Nisha has. The couple Varun and Jahnvi could have been used to show a better love story. However, they do share a wonderful chemistry with the lovely Arjit Singh music playing in the background.

I just wish the past wasn’t raked up, the darkest chapter of the World War 2, pain only to ignite the sparks in their marriage. The more the characters delve into the war scenario, the less sense it makes. It’s a good thing this movie released on OTT directly and can be seen on Amazon Prime.

Arjun Kapoor posted on Instagram that he loved their story and stated that this was Varun and Janhvi’s best performance so far. Bawaal is all set to premiere at the iconic Gustave Eiffel Theatre in Paris.

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