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Discussing Alankrita Sahai’s roles in popular web series like ‘Fuh Se Fantasy’ and analyzing the growing trend of digital platforms in the entertainment industry


Alankrita Sahai is one of the most talented and dynamic young girls in the Indian entertainment industry and we are truly proud of her incredible growth story. The way she’s risen like a phoenix from the ashes and has successfully made her way to the top is truly inspiring and exemplary for a lot of young girls out there. From entering the world of pageantry to slaying the world of music videos and OTT, Alankrita Sahai is truly packing a punch on a regular basis and the growth is for real.

While she has earlier done phenomenal work in every music video that she’s been a part of, one role in the OTT space that gave her humongous amount of credibility and respect was her performance in Jio Cinema’s ‘Fuh Se Fantasy’. The actress truly brought her A game forward like no other and all thanks to her bold and high-spirited performance, it presented a different side of Alankrita which no one thought. It was truly a pathbreaking role for her and no wonder, the audience as well as makers are now open to featuring her in more different and diverse avatars on the screen. So, how does Alankrita look at her performance in the OTT space and what’s her take on the growing trends of the digital platform? On being asked about the same, the actress got candid about her views and wrote,

“Well, Fuh Se Fantasy was truly a special project for me. Not only did it give me a nice opportunity to associate with a credible platform like Jio Cinema, it also helped me understand how the industry operates and what’s probably expected out of me. I think after working in the show and gaining love and respect from my audience, I realised that in today’s time, as an actor, you really can’t have any inhibitions. Yes it’s important to be comfortable in what you are doing but then there shouldn’t be any inhibition based on what others will think. Web series and digital platforms today are showcasing the reality and such projects too have their own element of reality attached to them even if it’s fictional. So it’s important for the digital platforms to be a mirror-image of the society at large and showcase everything accordingly. A lot of people talk about OTT projects sometimes going overboard in terms of boldness and sensuous scenes. Yes, there are people who sometimes do that. But then, there are actual stories where that is indeed needed big time and you have to take it in the right spirit. OTT as a platform is growing daily and that’s why, even some of the most popular actors in the country are making their presence felt here. Since the box office pressure isn’t here, it is also a breeding ground for a lot of talented actors to realise their true potential and grow in the field. I am proud to be an actor who’s doing her best in the OTT space and it will always play an important role as a part of my growth story. Thanks to everyone once again for showing tremendous love for me in ‘Fuh Se Fantasy’. This love is what keeps me going big time.”

Well, kudos to Alankrita Sahai for breaking barriers and stereotypes successfully and proving to the world that young and talented girls truly have the potential to slay the world of entertainment with fire. Here’s wishing her good luck and success for more. Stay tuned for more updates.


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