The second Enola Holmes movie is out and it’s a rare sequel that is better than the first one. It starts with Enola starting a detective agency of her own, but there are no clients. With her age being a bar, everyone seeks her older brother. Then a young factory girl shows up and implores Enola to find her missing sister. Enola tries her best to snoop around and Sherlock is busy with a case of money appearing and disappearing in bank accounts all over London. Further into the case, she finds their paths crossing each other’s again.

The movie is based on American author Nancy Springer’s novels that present an alternate history of 19th century London.

Millie Bobby Brown has delivered a stellar job in bringing Enola to life. Venturing undercover into the crowded, ravaged warehouse, Enola suspects her disappearance has something to do with the nefarious goings on at the factory. The movie has a swift pace, great plot and perfect action.

Enola Holmes 2 is a fun, light-hearted and well-plotted watch. It touches upon feminism and class disparity. It entertains and educates. Given the fact that the audience waited for over 2 years, the overall incorporation of the theme is excellent. Try it, it will surely be your cup of tea!

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