Actor Chandan K Anand, feels blessed to be working alongside Deepika Padukone and Hrithik Roshan. He felt in awe of them and thought big stars might be arrogant, but he was pleasantly surprised.

Chandan said, “Just being there and watching the performances of all the stars, watching their craft, witnessing Anil Kapoor’s never-dying attitude, Hrithik Roshan’s charisma and dedication and Deepika Padukone’s charm and beauty, all this is a dream come true.”

He adds on, “They are all beautiful humans. One day, I went up to Hrithik Roshan sir and told him you are more handsome in real life than you appear on screen. Deepika Padukone is so humble. I remember I was sitting on a chair on set, when she walked in and I stood up to say hello to her and dropped my glares. She went down to pick them up for me. I went ‘arey ye aap kya kar rahi hain and she was like, ‘its okay, its okay’. That day I realized that they are such stars as well.”

The movie is full of aerial action and cinematic experience. It is a good blend of patriotism, love, gender equality.

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